Mastodon instance launched for the Dutch infosec/hacker scene

Published: Sat 09 May 2020
By Eelco

In news.

A couple of days ago, on Dutch Liberation day (05-05-2020), I launched my third Mastodon instance. I am a twitter regular and for most part the people who I follow and are still active in 2020 have something to do with the infosec/hacker community. So I figured maybe it was time to create a new instance for the Dutch infosec/hacker scene.

Over time there were multiple incidents with people I follow getting their account locked because of American content rules or laws. So why are people all over the world still content with Americon laws and culture dictating what can and cannot be done on social media? That's why I keep trying to move forward decentralized alternatives.

Getting people to create an account is not a real issue, but to get them to actually use and engage on mastodon: I haven't found the magic trick yet. And that is what's keeping this thing from growing beyond the niche it now is. There are not enough active users (yet) and too little relevant content. And it is still too complicated to find people that you know or that at least have similar interests.

As this is the third instance I've launched I vouched to hold on to this one for at least a year and see what happens. Maybe it will help to plug this thing during Hacker Hotel or MCH in 2021 :-).

If you are in the Dutch infosec/hacker scene and would like to sign up for this instance, please contact me on twitter or signal to get the invite code.