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  1. Ervaringen Clevo NL51GU met Debian 10

    De afgelopen jaren heb ik al meerdere stappen gedaan / pogingen ondernomen om (weer) Linux op mijn laptop gebruiken. Rond 2005 heb ik de overstap gemaakt naar MacOS, maar de omstandigheden en de markt zijn ondertussen zo veranderd dat ik nu ook weer andere opties zie. Eerst heb ik eerste geprobeerd …

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  2. Upgrading to OpenBSD 6.7: that was easy!

    This morning I saw the new OpenBSD artwork and t-shirts that I liked instantly. But before ordering shirts, I wanted to do an upgrade. It could not have been easier. I must say that I always really liked the inplace upgrade option that Debian has been delivering for 20+ years …

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  3. Rollback Jitsi packages on Debian

    Last night new JITSI packages were released that broke in my setup. Making sure this would be the last time I break production by auto updating, I downgraded the packages manually and after that put a 'hold' in place for these specific packages. I actually hate doing that, because it …

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  4. Vinindeling / Baksindeling provisorisch gefixed

    Vandaag heb ik het oude teamupdater script in perl vervangen met een herimplementatie in python. Dankzij een speciale export optie die Ad voor me geregeld heeft, kan ik de team/ploegen indeling zoals die is vastgelegd weer exporteren, ditmaal als los CSV bestand.

    Dit bestand foutloos inlezen is nog geen …

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  5. Ansible role to deploy Jitsi

    Giving the extra need for videoconferencing services, I created a quick and dirty ansible role to deploy Jitsi on Ubuntu 18.04 or Debian 10.

    This is just the jitsi part, you may need to harden your machine for proper security. I have that too, but is not ready to …

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  6. Gigatron build prep

    With the LEGO build out of the way, now was a good time to check for the prerequisites for the Gigatron build. Somewhere in garage I found a crate with the multimeter and the soldering iron. The multimeter ran out of battery, that was easily fixed with a new 9V …

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  7. LEGO ISS set

    Some time ago I found an announcement for the LEGO ideas ISS set. I sorta forgot about it, but then I stumbled upon a picture of the boxed version on Pixelfed. I orderded it straight away and had to wait for a couple weeks while it was on backorder.

    This …

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  8. Debian 10 on my laptop

    Today I set up Debian 10 on an older Macbook. This for most part just worked, but it did involve a couple of extra steps when compared with Ubuntu. This is just a small note to future self to document the basic setup.

    • OS install via Debian DVD 1 on …
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  9. Bucketlist

    So I was at hacker hotel and it was great. I turned up for the infosec stuff, but I was inspired by the hacking stuff. 3D printers, homemade computers, silly builds. Clearly I spent too much time doing serious work and not enough really just fiddling around when it comes …

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